Prepare for Success

The arts enable young people to excel in school, work, and life by increasing literacy, enhancing creative and critical thinking skills, improving problem solving, and much more.


Nurturing intellectual and creative development

The arts teach children vital skills, preparing them for the 21st century workforce. Arts education correlates with better grades and test scores and facilitates learning in other subjects. For under-served students who cope with disabilities, violence, or poverty, the arts often help keep them in school and out of jail. Arts education, however―both in and after school―is often considered a luxury, and, due to frequent cuts in public funding, seldom has sufficient support.

This website contains the history of our work, lessons learned, and resources we hope will inspire you to adopt or adapt the ARTWorks for Kids model―coalition building, collaborative fundraising, and collective advocacy.


In 2003, ARTWorks was established to develop sustainable support for youth arts in eastern Massachusetts. Explore this interactive timeline to learn more about the program's history.

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Coalition Members & Allies

Together, the coalition built by ARTWorks raised more than $8 million in five years. The coalition worked with arts advocates and donors to support the formation of MASSCreative, a statewide grassroots arts advocacy organization, and to promote the Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Initiative.

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Media Galleries

ARTWorks convened art leaders and hosted a variety of coalition building, fundraising, advocacy, and dissemination events to increase sustainable support for youth arts.

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These questions have been asked by youth arts leaders in communities across the country.

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