Working Collaboratively with Staff & Partner Organizations

Abe Rybeck (The Theater Offensive) and Eryn Johnson (Community Art Center) reflect with fellow coalition member Madeleine Steczynski (ZUMIX) on how collaborative fundraising was empowering and built trust among partner organizations.   

1. Set A Great Tone

Begin your planning meetings with an invitation to everyone to be generous and honest.  Share your fears and dreams with the group.

2. Share Your Goals 

Clarify your reason for sharing donors and collaboratively fundraising. Do you have an external incentive, like a donor asking you to participate? Are you coming together on your own around a shared concern or opportunity? Define why you’re working together and write down a shared statement.

3. Put Money to the Side

Define what shared success might look like for each of these, and document your ideas as shared goals.

Put Money to the Side Graphic Organizer

4. Consider Donor Care

Ask each person to think about their donors and how to respectfully honor the trusting personal relationships they might have with their donors while alsosharing their donors’ information and introducing them to other organizations. Lead a conversation in which the group explores these questions:

5. Determine Who Does What!

Any planning meeting requires a list of tasks and to-dos.  Here are some critical questions to cover as you plan as a group: